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Tanimania Application Description

tanimania from Yui Tamada on Vimeo.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for waiting.
Long-awaited photo retouch application is now released.

We are proud to present "Tanimania," meaning cleavage mania.

This application makes you happier by retouching cleavage of your picture even more sexier automatically. Not only that, you can add beauty mark wherever you want. Try many pictures and be cuter and sexier!!

<How to use>

  1. Take a picture whoever you want to.
  2. Keep face and body position not to protrude outside the frame shown at shooting screen
  3. Adjust retouch area and save it
  4. Enjoy it!

Also, it's possible to retouch pictures already taken and saved in your library.

  1. Select "Select from my Library" on mode select page.
  2. Choose a picture you love to retouch
  3. New picture is generated with retouched area.
  4. You can adjust retouched area.

Not only human but you can retouch animals, foods, all kinds of materials. Ask your creativity and find good one! Enjoy!

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tanimania from Yui Tamada on Vimeo.



  1. カメラで、撮りたい対象を撮影する。
  2. その際、フレームが撮影画面に出てくるので、それからはみ出ないように顔と体の位置を調節する。
  3. それぞれ加工する部位の位置を調整して保存する。
  4. お楽しみください!


  1. TOPページで「ライブラリから選ぶ。」を選択
  2. 好きな画像を選択する。
  3. 生まれ変わった部位付きで画像が生成される。
  4. それぞれの部位は好きな場所に移動することもできる。