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push-up Application Description

Pump UP from Yui Tamada on Vimeo.

Have you ever lost your count while you do some push-ups?

And you may have seen "push-up counter" on TV show.
Yes, that's it. Tap your chin and it counts your number of push up you have worked on.
We know all push-up lovers have dreamed to own that machine once.
So we duplicate it and create this "push-up application," that change your work out

It's so easy to set up.

  1. Set your iPhone, or iPod Touch, on the ground warm yourself up.
  2. Tap the top page and it counts on three.
  3. Start your push-up on count zero, and tap with your chin.
  4. It counts your number of push-ups.

You can set your own pace, by adjusting time limitation from 30 seconds to 300seconds. To change setting, adjust time gauge shown before it starts count.

Don't you think you get flabby these days?
This application works best for those who feel painful to start working out, or even keep doing it. Try this and hustle up!


Pump UP from Yui Tamada on Vimeo.


そう腕立てプレイヤーがアゴ先をチョンと載せるだけで腕立てのカウントを数えてくれる"あの機械"。腕立て経験者ならば誰もが一度はあこがれる夢の"あの機械"を iphone (ipod touch) アプリで再現しました。



  1. iPhone (iPod Touch) を地面に設置し腕立ての準備をします。
  2. TOP画面をタップすると 3 秒間のカウントが始まります
  3. カウントが 0 になりましたら、腕立てを開始し、アゴでウィンドウを触ってください。
  4. アゴで触れた数を計測します。