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Just like Beatles song "Let it be" and Akira Kurosawa's Movie "Dreams"
there are a lot of works which were inspired by the dream.
Haven't you dreamed "What if we can note the idea appearing in the dream."

"Let It Sleep" is the tool which supports your creativity by recording you talking in sleep.
Turn "Let It Sleep" on and sleep, and it detects and records your talking in sleep automatically.

Check out the record next morning, and you will realize what you think of in the dream or depth psychology and it supports your idea.

Try "Let It Sleep" and realize your dream for idea works.

how to use?

  1. Tap the "Sleep" button and change to the recording mode. You can adjust the sensor volume with cursor. Now it's ready and go for a good sleep.
  2. Tap the "wake up!" button and stop recording when you wake up.
  3. Tap the "play" button. You can check what you were speaking for.

## While you asleep, please connect your iPhone to the power supply and turn-off the lock.
## This app will be interrupted in case you receive phone while this app working.

例えばビートルズの「Let it be」や黒澤明の「夢」など、夢から生まれる作品が多くあります。

Let It Sleep は寝ている間に寝言を録音するアイデア促進ツールです。
Let It Sleep を立ち上げて寝ると、寝言を自動でキャッチして録音します。



  1. Sleep ボタンを押して録音モードにします。Sense のつまみで感度を調整し、ぐっすりお休みください。
  2. 起きたら wakeup! ボタンを押して録音モードを終了させます。
  3. Play ボタンを押し、録音された寝言を確認しましょう。

※ 寝るときは電源につなぎ、設定で自動ロックをオフにしてください。また、寝ている間に電話やメールを受信すると録音に失敗することがあります。